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Interesting Objects in Lombok

Posted on 2014-02-24 17:04:43


The summer palace garden which was designed and built in th early of 19th  century by king anak agung Gde Karang Asem. The delighfull gardens are said to haave been built as a replica of Mt.Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak after the King became too old to up Mt.Rinjani, Where the King’s family made annual visited and offerings. The hindu tampleand the fountain youth is a unique palace to visit. The name of Narmada was taken from aholy river in India


The unique temple where the Balinese hindu and Lombok Moslem “waktu Telu” worship together. It was built in 1714 by the first Balinese migrants when they arrived in Lombok. It was originally based on the prevailing animist beliefs of the time, and some of the original animist statues remain today. 

Perang Topat is an annual festival held at Lingsar on November. A features a ritualised war with rice cakes, which also serve as an offering to pray the rain and their good crops to the god.


A complex of three temples located a few kilometres north of Narmada in Suranadi, is the oldest and holiest of the balinesse temples in Lombok, founded by the 16th century javanesse priest, Danghyang Nirartha.

Underground stream bubble up into restore baths, use for ritual bathing. Huge sacred eels live in the pools and stream here, and can sometime be lured out with an offering of boiled eggs (purchased at nearby stall). To see the sacred eel is considered very lucky.


The biggest hindu temple in Lombok was built in 1720 to unity the various Hindu factions on the island at that time. It has three court yards which symbolize the earth, the human realm and the divine. In the innermost court yard stand there the towers  represent the Hindu trinity. The tallest has as roof of 11 tiers is dedicate to Shiva. A tower with 9 tiers is dedicated to Vishnu, and the smallest tower with 9 tiers is dedicated to Brahma. Each of the 33 smaller shrines in this temple complex is care for by different Hindu community in Lombok.


The pavilion known as Bale kambang served both as a court of justice and a meeting hall for the people of Lombok. It was built on 1744 and consist of a vast artificial lake filled of lilies, and the floating pavilion  on the middle part  which may be reached by crossing over the stone couse way.


This exotic excursion heading to a wide range of Gillis in South West Lombok. The Gillis remain untouched and unspoiled with miles of pristine beach, crystal water, and are surrounded by magnificent marine garden, habitats of spectacular coral and colorful fishes, they are the most exciting destination for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and relaxing. On Gili Nanggu, you also may have an opportunity to release some 2 years old turtle back to the ocean, because on Gili Nanggu, people hitch and race them till they are strong enough to live in the ocean


Many waterfalls you can visit in Lombok. Such as;

  • Sendang Gile water fall
  • Tiu kelep Water fall
  • Gangga waterfall
  • Benang stokel waterfall
  • Benang Kelambu Waterfall


Lombok is becoming a world renown surfing destination among surf enthusiasts world-wide. Huge waves and challenging surf lure die-hards to BANGKO-BANGKO also known as dissert point on the south-western tip of Lombok.

KUTA on the south coast, is surf central and has a range of accommodations and service catering specially to surfers.

The waves at GERUPUK and KUTA offer a variety of challenges from beginners to sheer madness.

EKAS BAY has two surf breaks. Those are inside and outside Ekas. Which are suitable for beginners to experts, depending on the different peaks and Tide.